Meeting with LITHUANIAN CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION President Dalius Gedvilas

Meeting with Lithuanian Construction Association President Dalius Gedvilas. Very innovative and positive association. Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce is delighted to be the part for connection between Ireland and Lithuania construction network. BIM innovation development and digital building and many others. 

Dalius Gedvilas Antanas Gedvilas

Lithuanian Construction Association President and LPK Vice-president Dalius Gedvilas and Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in Ireland Chief Executive Officer Antanas Gedvilas  




The Association includes 150 (approx., varying number) licensed enterprises and organizations involved in construction, design work, manufacturing of building materials and structures, training, insurance and some other businesses.


The President of the Lithuanian Builders Association represents the association in the institutions, institutions and organizations of Lithuania and foreign countries, international organizations, as well as in relations with the Association’s partners and other third parties.