Meeting with Ričardas Malinauskas Mayor of Druskininkai Municipality (Lithuania) and President of the Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania

Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in Ireland CEO Antanas Gedvilas &  Mayor of Druskininkai Municipality (Lithuania) and the President of Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania – Ričardas Malinauskas

An excellent meeting with the most beloved lithuanian health resort Druskininkai Municipality Mayor  and the President of the Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania Ričardas Malinauskas . The purpose of the discussion was to broaden the possibilities of medical tourism development, cultural and economic expansion between Ireland and Druskininkai. 

The agreement has been made to unite projects between Ireland and Druskininkai and to attract global investors. Druskininkai town is contented to join an international cultural project such as : a firs time concert of Lithuanian Symphony Orchestra in Ireland, 2020, the exhibition of famous Lithuanian composer and artist M.K.Čiurlionis reproductions and other cultural events. During the meeting we talked over the possibilities of Irish investors to attract Druskininkai construction projects.  We have discussed about a potential project to build up Druskininkai Airport. We look forward to seeing the representatives of Druskininkai municipality in Ireland this year. 


Druskininkai is the biggest health resort in Lithuania

Druskininkai is Lithuania‘s most beloved spa resort town. Its relaxing atmosphere permeates all hotels, restaurants, cafés, and activities, making it the ultimate escape for both local and international visitors. 


A popular retreat for families, the Druskininkai Aqua Park, Hotel, and Spa holds everything you need for an entertaining and relaxing vacation, especially for those traveling with kids. The Aqua Park is kept at a constant temperature of 32°C to keep the chill out and allow visitors to indulge in swimming, saunas, and slides. Children are not allowed in the spa areas, which makes for an even calmer atmosphere.

Snow Arena

The Druskininkai Snow Arena is a bustling indoor sports complex with two indoor skiing tracks, an outdoor track, chair lifts, restaurants, skiing lessons, and a play area. Younger children can play in the DruFunPark, which is a heated, indoor area with play structures and rides, and adults or older children can ski or snowboard on the indoor or outdoor trails. Ski and snowboard equipment is available for rent.

This small but breathtaking Russian Orthodox Church is a shocking shade of bright blue, creating a bit of color in an otherwise grey area. The Joy of All Who Sorrow Church was built in approximately 1865, and the church is surrounded by a small square edged with beautiful wooden homes.

Gruto Park

Gruto Park is a rather shocking attraction owned by an eccentric collector of old Soviet statues that were once widespread across Lithuania. Once removed from their former locations, many statues, propaganda materials, and other artifacts from Soviet times were collected and arranged at this site. The eerie propaganda music, along with larger than life statues of some of the most infamous Soviets, creates a creepy atmosphere. Located about a 15-minute drive from downtown Druskininkai, Gruto Park is a rather unique place to visit.